Tahira Corporation is a global technology company with a diverse international management team and strong sales leadership spanning from Europe to the Americas to Asia. We are a leading manufacturer and installers of renewable technology products in the world.  Tahira Corporation delivers a wide range of services; Gas Monetization; Infrastructure and Minerals; International development, Support Services; Logistics; Oil and Gas; Power and Industrial; Services; Technology; and Ventures business segments, and demonstrates itself as a technology-driven engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company.

Tahira Corporation was founded on a passion for power generation and cutting edge provider of tomorrow’s solution today, its power to transform the way we live. Our dreams for tomorrow are BIG and our company has grown exponentially to realize our aspirations for a sustainable tomorrow. Today we stand on the cusp of a revolution that will change the way the world generates electricity, and at Tahira Corporation we are working hard to introduce tomorrow’s technology to the world today! Our passion for clean electricity permeates every level of our company. Tahira Corporation employees share a common understanding for the extraordinary mission in which we are engaged—an understanding that translates into an unparalleled commitment to deliver risk free and safe projects to our clients.