Tahira Corp’s High voltage products will meet your requirements in terms of low life cycle costs with optimum availability in continuous operation. They have short commissioning times. They are reliable, have a long service life and are also extremely earthquake resistant and weatherproof. We focus on our customers' desire for economy, safety, reliability and availability and we provide you with a global service.

At Tahira Corporation we constantly ensure the high quality of our products through optimized production processes, constant product development and a certified quality management system.

Tahira Grid designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of electrical equipment for the high voltage and extra high voltage electricity transmission.

Equipment ranging from 5.5 to 800 kV in direct current and up to 1200 kV in alternating current that enable electricity to travel from power stations via high voltage substations throughout the transmission grid.


Equipment’s include generator circuit breakers, gas-insulated substations (GIS) and gas-insulated lines (GIL), air-insulated circuit breakers (live-tank and dead-tank), disconnectors, power transformers and instrument transformers (including non-conventional instrument transformers).
Unforeseen events are hard to predict that’s why we at Tahira Corp, have tailor made solutions ready for deployment to affected areas.