PowerFrom Beyond
Since 2000, Tahira Corporation’s wind division has been involved in the field of wind power, one of the world’s leading wind plant contractor and supplier of wind turbines.


Development-Wind Plant

We have in-depth planning expertise to help you plan for a reliable, successful project, delivered on time and on budget.
With Tahira Corp as your supplier and business partner, you are basing your investment on finely tuned processes refined over decades of experience and knowledge.

We check and test all our turbines at our own test centers, and we ensure that the results are independently verified. We also continuously monitor many of our operational turbines. This data provides us with the complex information and sophisticated tools we need to make turbine operation even more reliable and cost-effective, wherever the location and whatever the wind conditions.

Huge number tasks involved in the construction phase, working closely with the client, we can provide everything from an inclusive package, where we supply, install and calibrate the plant, to simply supplying the turbines.

Wind is a clean, inexhaustible, indigenous energy resource that can generate enough electricity to power millions of homes and businesses. Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing forms of electricity generation in the world.

Tahira Corp is able to support wind farm developers in all stages of project development, from site searches and resource assessments, to procurement support and operations monitoring. Fully independent from manufacturers