Tahira Corporation was launched in 1996 as a research and consulting firm in 1999 Tahira Corporation’s manufacturing plant was established which develops and manufactures renewable energy products such as solar modules and wind turbines, by the year 2001 Tahira Corp started designing and building power plants in clean energy pollution free which provides specialist services in all aspects of sustainable energy and climate change.


Second quarter of 2002 Tahira Group launched its two subsidiary business divisions


Tahira Energy & Tahira Construction- these two divisions handles and manages all types of projects in energy and construction sector.


Tahira Corporation is entering a new phase of rapid growth, in line with the global imperative to tackle the human impact on the climate through the use of renewable energy technologies. This commitment starts with a world leading R&D department that focuses on developing the most innovative, cutting edge renewable technology products. Change comes from leadership and at Tahira Corporation we aim to lead our industry in the development of new sustainable technologies.


The future belongs to those who believe in them self’s that why at Tahira Corporation we have no limits as we are 100% determined in committed to deliver untapped resources today. At Tahira we focus on the past projects to better understand and deliver future projects.