Power Plant Engineering, Construction and Maintenance
Tahira Energy wholly owned subsidiary of Tahira Corporation-designs, builds, and maintains power plants using a variety of fuel sources, including coal, gas, oil, nuclear, solar and wind. Tahira Energy’s experts understand the complex compliance requirements for bringing new power plant construction on line and meeting clean-air mandates. Tahira Energy’s execution excellence and proven expertise ensure that our client’s projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our staff includes engineers and specialists who have spent their careers executing power plant engineering and power plant construction projects; Tahira Energy has the global reach and expertise to execute challenging and complex power projects, large or small.

Tahira energy has played a distinctive role in increasing the world's power generation capacity though our engineering, construction management and maintenance services. We have completed projects in the industrial, utility and merchant power markets, and are recognized for delivering a wide variety of power facilities on-time and within budget, we have the ability to provide complete detailed engineering and design services. Our Power workforce includes specialists in boilers, material handling, emissions control, turbine generators, performance and all plant systems and components.

Tahira Energy builds technologically advanced power generation projects and cogeneration units that produce low levels of pollutants. We have successfully constructed combustion turbine-based projects for utility and independent clients, as well as industrial cogeneration facilities using natural gas, coal, biomass, oil and other fuels.

Our expanding global influence in the power industry is based on an impressive list of successfully completed projects, all of which have been completed on time or ahead of schedule. We have received top marks for safety, quality and project management ability and many of our projects have received industry awards for construction excellence. With our commitment to high standards and the use of the most modern equipment, we deliver efficient power production at great value.