Jerome hindulburg, P. Eng., MBA, B. Eng (Electrical)
dent and CEO 

Mr. Jerome is president and CEO of Tahira Corporation. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical engineering from university of united in 1987 and his Masters of Business Administration, with Distinction, from Saint Mary's University in 1999.

Mr. Jerome has spent his entire career in the energy field, in energy infrastructure assets centered on power and natural gas. Including transmission & distribution operations and construction, integrated system planning, system operations, generation operations and fuel procurement, marketing and sales, and most recently Director of Asset Optimization and Power Trading


Tray Winton, MBA, B. Sc. M.Sc.
Senior Vice President — Global Power Development

Tray Winton will maintain and strengthen power sector globally, provide the necessary oversight and executive attention to ensure complete customer satisfaction for the large portfolio of projects Tahira Corp is presently executing, and also provide Business Development leadership to cater for the extensive new opportunities worldwide for Tahira Corp in all sectors.


Mitch Harrington, P. Eng., M. Sc., B. Sc.
Vice President-Global Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Mitch Harrington President of Tahira Corp’s Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure unit. The Infrastructure business unit was created to strengthen Tahira Corp's position within the sector and provides global focus and leadership in three key markets-Water, Transport, and Facilities -and is strongly directed towards meeting the needs of local communities.


Walter Van Loon, M. Sc., B. Sc. M. Eng
Vice President-Products

Walter Van Loon serves as Tahira Corporation’s vice president, products where he is responsible for product management, program management, systems research and development, product marketing, monitoring and software services. Walter is also responsible for Tahira Corp’s manufacturing facilities-photovoltaic sector.

Darrel Smith, M. Sc., B. Sc. MBA. M. Eng
Vice President-Renewable Energy

Darrel Smith is responsible for Tahira Corporations renewable energy division, involved in wind, solar and hydro projects globally. Darrel has extensive experience in renewable sector, project execution, and project management. As of 2012 Darrel’s new task is to lead and manage ocean generation division.