Selling wholesale solar electric power at a profit requires engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the highest quality and at the right price. Tahira Energy is the trusted partner utilities and developers count on to deliver results. Tahira Energy has field-tested experience with a wide variety of solar technology and applications, a highly competitive cost structure, and proprietary tracking and racking solutions that help deliver a high quality and competitively priced solar package for your utility or distributed generation project.
Tahira Energy’s talented “exclusively solar” team, combined with our significant buying power, and well-established direct purchasing relationships with the largest PV equipment suppliers, allow us to deliver you these high quality competitively priced packages.

Tahira Energy works collaboratively with renewable energy developers. We identify and design the right system for your site, recommend appropriate technology options, and support your efforts in financing your project. We identify project obstacles early on, manage each step of the design and construction process, and deliver you the highest quality, low cost system possible.

Tahira Energy PV energy solutions include utility-scale generation, industrial power, and fuel replacement solutions to address contemporary energy needs. Our plants diversify the energy portfolio, reducing overreliance on any one particular commodity or technology, providing a better long-term, risk-adjusted return on investment.