Tahira Corp can

assist in the identification of developable schemes through a combination of desktop studies and site assessments.

Tahira Corp has undertaken numerous pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for wind farms and will assist in the setting and design of projects to take into account issues such as resource intensity, planning permission and mitigation and any negative impacts.

Wind systems are gaining recognition as a viable option for renewable energy supply for domestic and community applications. In particular, there has been interest in building integrated and rooftop applications of small wind turbines.

Tahira Corp can offer three levels of professional feasibility study for your potential small wind energy installation:

  • Site assessment
  • Preliminary feasibility study
  • Detailed feasibility and monitoring

Tahira Corporations wind division can offer a fully inclusive service for the design and installation of small, medium and large wind power schemes, including commissioning and testing and working to the relevant engineering recommendations for grid connection.

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