TahiraCorporation’s approach to sustainability is always evolving and moving forward. We have expanded the meaning of sustainability to also include social and environmental sustainability.

Our vision of sustainability is rooted in Tahira Corp’s Spirit’; Creative Wisdom, Positive Thinking, Unwavering Drive .Tahira Corporation has prevailed over adversity with Tahira Spirit. Creative Wisdom, Positive Thinking, and Unwavering Drive have developed our core values and vision. On the firm foundation, Tahira Corporation has emerged as one of the world’s largest power and construction providers and an integrated renewable energy company with divisions specializing in on/offshore & engineering, industrial plant & engineering, engine & machinery, electro electric systems, green energy, and construction equipment.

Tahira Corporation has always taken the lead in creating an open corporate culture where talented people are cultivated, and technical training courses are provided for our people to stay at the cutting edge of the ever-changing market.

The Company also focuses on sharpening employees’ work ethic in an effort to create a rule and principle-abiding corporate culture.
.Tahira Corporation has also taken the lead in establishing a framework of mutual-prosperity with its partner companies.

We have not hesitated in building a ‘Green Management Environment’. The Company has preferred to use eco-friendly materials and parts since 2006 and set up the ‘Greenhouse Gas Inventory’, into 2010 systemically control greenhouse gas emitted in its yard.

In an effort to increase green energy use and reduce emissions, Tahira Corporation has installed solar panels at all domestic work sites.
We strive to be a safety leader in our industry, a world-class operator, and a responsible corporate citizen. We are working to enhance safety and risk management, earn trust, and grow value.