Solar Generation


Tahira Corporation protects your environment while reducing your electricity bills year-round. But all solar modules are not alike. There are significant differences among solar modules, warranties, and manufacturers.


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Residential Solar Modules


Get the most power out of your roof
The mono-crystalline cells and - modular format of this 60-cell mono-crystalline solar module with an efficiency of up to 19% makes it particularly suitable for installation on roofs.

Installation costs can be reduced and yield increased.


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Commercial Scale


The universal format and cost-optimized module design of this 60-cell solar module with polycrystalline cells cause it to stand out from the rest.

With these characteristics it offers the best price / performance ratio for large roof or open space systems.

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Utility Scale Generation


Rating: 230-310 Watts

This 78-cell module was specially designed for large systems on roofs and open spaces. Through the use of particularly efficient polycrystalline cells, an efficiency of up to 17.2% can be achieved. Together with the large format, this can result in labor and installation cost savings.

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Solar Air Conditioners


Tahira Corporations solar air-conditioners uses solar energy combined with utility supply which reaches the effect of photovoltaic compensation in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics that achieves the purpose of refrigeration.

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Solar Hot Water System


Tahira Corporation’s revolutionary multi-flow collector, the system has a double ceramic lined tank and a protective sacrificial anode and. The tank is equipped with an electric booster; alternatively an in-line gas booster is available.

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Solar Street Light


Exceptional product engineering results in the lowest operating costs and best guarantees in the industry.


All components are integrated in a secure compartment within the base of the pole, slashing installation and maintenance costs, improving safety and reducing liability.

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Solar Water Pump


Tahira Corporations solar water pumps are high quality products designed for drinking water supply, livestock watering and smaller irrigation applications.

DC powered pumps have been designed specifically to pump water efficiently using solar power, pumping water with very low levels of solar power from up to 450 m below the ground.

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Solar Lighting Kit


The stand alone/independent solar lighting kits are completely self contained, each Solar lighting kit generates its own electricity from the solar modules during the day, which is stored in deep cycle maintenance-free batteries for night time use.

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