Outdoor Switchgear


We offer a range of Outdoor Distribution switchgear solutions which can be appreciated throughout the distribution network.

Our product offerings include outdoor circuit breakers, filling the market need for outdoor, ground-mounted circuit breakers, and a Fault Thrower.

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Indoor Primary Distribution


We offer a complete range of Indoor Primary Distribution switchgear solutions both primary and secondary applications.
Our product offerings include air insulated and gas insulated panels with a choice of gas or vacuum circuit breakers. Our current voltage range is 3.3 - 132kV with ratings meeting IEC and  ANSI requirements.

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Containerized Substations


Today's global power suppliers are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and pass on savings to end customers.
An area where primary cost savings can be made is the construction of new substations....

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Indoor DC Switchgear


As world leaders in DC Switchgear design and manufacture, we have used our technical and engineering expertise to design DC Switchgear solutions for the world's most demanding DC power requirements - from leading traction

networks to industrial and military applications.

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As the world's transport infrastructure, in particular traction, continues to expand so does the need for safe and secure power systems.
Utilizing innovative technology, we have developed relay solutions to meet the system requirements for today's industries.

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