Tahira Consultants is an independent practice of mechanical, renewable energy and electrical engineers, specializing in sustainability. Our mechanical & electrical engineers, sustainability consultants, and energy assessors create complete building services solutions


We are committed to buildings services that preserve and - whenever possible - improve the environment. Our team will ensure that overall targets and legal requirements for carbon emissions are not only met but exceeded wherever possible. We tackle everything from small works for maintenance and modernization valued under 10k, to major new build, refurbishment, asset maintenance and nationwide programmes up to large scale development. We work mainly in Fiji, PNG and South Pacific. We are independent and wholly owned by our directors who all actively take part in our projects.


We’re really proud of not only what we do, but the way that we do it. We care about your project because when you engage us it’s our project too. We will closely examine everything: budget, schedule, operational and environmental factors, ease of maintenance, lifetime costs and so on, and we’ll listen carefully to understand precisely what it is your project needs to achieve.


80% of our turnover is repeat business. If we weren’t listening to our clients giving them great value for money, attentive service and high quality design they’d go somewhere else. In case you’re wondering about the other 20%, they are new clients or one-off projects. 


Health and safety is top priority, and not just throughout the design and installation, but also throughout the life of the building.


Why should you choose Tahira Consultants as your mechanical and electrical (M&E) services consultants? What makes Tahira Consultants? It’s a combination of factors that makes us stand out. We are independently owned and run by share-holding directors, all of whom take part in our projects 

80% of our activity is repeat business. Clients keep coming back to us because, and they tell us this, we offer exceptional quality design, scope of service, ‘green’ credentials and are great to work with. We’ve got the experience you’re looking for. We can manage a variety of building types and usages, universities, laboratories, schools, hospitals, heritage, offices, hotels, commercial, shops, banks, sports facilities, business centers, private residences, computing facilities, student accommodation, places of worship, airports… 

Our sustainability team has the knowledge and experience to apply, develop and promote sustainable construction and energy strategies into your project from the very start. In the long run it will save money and the planet. We are expert at delivering successful frameworks. Frameworks are vital to us. Clients get a high level of service which includes director-led, stable consistent teams. In return we get 3-5 years of good quality work. We don\\\'t just design innovative m&e services but provide a one stop solution to all of your legislative requirements.


We work in many sectors and have a long history of working on laboratories, hospitals, heritage and historic, offices, hotels, museums, commercial, industrial, shops, leisure facilities, business centers, private residences, computing centers, student accommodation, places of worship, airports and railways.

1. Residential 2. Commercial 3. Transportation 4. Transmission and distribution 5. Renewable energy 6. Health Care 7. Education


Our creativity and expertise in a range of specialism’s means you can be assured that your project is in safe hands. Our people are passionate about creating sustainable buildings. If you want quiet enthusiasm, project efficiency, extraordinary quality, innovation and ideas that won’t cost the earth, then you’ll like working with us very much indeed. A building’s success should be measured by how well it works for users and for the environment Buildings are responsible for a significant percentage of the world’s energy consumption. In a world of dwindling resources it’s vital that we make them as sustainable and environmentallyfriendly as possible. Our in-house sustainability consultants carry out a comprehensive range of compliance services.


Engineering is the largest part of our business. We design building services that preserve and - whenever possible - improve the environment. Whether you need a single technical discipline or a combination of specialist areas, we’ll create a director‐led team for your project. We offer our clients significant benefits and impressive project cost savings. We use modeling techniques to simulate our designs and predict how well it will function to make sure that internal spaces are low-energy, efficient, comfortable and controllable.  Tahira Consultant’s mechanical, electrical & (M& E) buildings services designs are holistic. We take every factor into account from budget and schedule to occupant wellbeing and long-term maintenance to create a system that is greater than the sum of its parts. We design integrated, sustainable systems using passive resources for ventilation, shade and light, rainwater collection and so on, and combine these with active systems for air conditioning, fire alarm, waste management, lifts, security, and small power. We make building work.


  1. Energy audits 
  2. Energy strategy 
  3. Energy assessment 
  4. EPC & DEC assessment 
  5. Code for sustainable homes assessment 
  6. Feasibility studies 
  7. Modeling simulation 
  8. Assessment and compliance
  9. Lighting design 
  10. Services audits, site condition surveys 
  11. Post-occupancy evaluation 
  12. Master planning 
  13. Increasing

legislative demands Buildings require an increasing level of legislative input which many of our clients have found expensive, time-consuming to procure and sometimes even baffling! So we have integrated our business to provide all of the services and professional people you need to design and sign-off the legislative requirements.


have extensive experience and expertise in a broad range of mechanical services associated with all building types. We are leading designers of mechanical services associated with hospitals, high rise office buildings, hotels, schools, shopping centres and major residential projects. Specific areas of expertise are:

  1. Master planning of major projects and sites
  2. Critical process applications i.e. computer rooms, operating theatres, pharmaceutical preparation, research laboratories etc.
  3. Building health inspections and  reports
  4. Building services evaluations
  5. Energy audits 
  6. Historic building installations 
  7. High efficiency air filtration systems 
  8. Heat recovery systems 
  9. Development of building maintenance programmes 
  10. Authority negotiations, inspections and certification 
  11. Building refurbishment 
  12. Computerised control and building management systems 
  13. Corporate tenancy fit outs 
  14. Medical gas systems 
  15. Dust collection systems  


Tahira Consultants have extensive experience in all facets of electrical services associated with all building types. Specific areas of expertise are:

  1. Master planning of major projects and sites 
  2. High and medium voltage site and building reticulation 
  3. Emergency power supply systems 
  4. Fire detection systems 
  5. Voice/data cabling system 
  6. Communication systems 
  7. Internal and external lighting design 
  8. Critical process applications i.e. computer rooms, operating theatres, intensive care wards etc.
  9. Authority negotiations, inspections and certification 
  10. Building refurbishment 
  11. Building inspections and evaluations 
  12. Historic building installations 
  13. Corporate tenancy fit outs 
  14. Street light designs


  1. Tahira Consultants also provides services in the following areas
  2. Substation design
  3. Kiosk substation design
  4. Direct distribution design
  5. Undergrounding of overhead networks
  6. Relocation of overhead networks 


Tahira Consultants have broad experience in all phases of fire detection and protection. Specific areas of expertise are:

• Automatic fire detection and alarm systems • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems • Very Early Warning Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA) systems • Gas flooding systems. OTHER SERVICES Other design services such as hydraulics, sprinklers, civil and lift services are also available on a sub-consultancy basis where an extended range of building services design is required.


Renewable is a clean, inexhaustible, indigenous energy resource that can generate enough electricity to power millions of homes and businesses. Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing forms of electricity generation in the world. Tahira Consultants is able to support renewable developers in all stages of project development, from site searches and resource assessments, to procurement support and operations monitoring fully independent from manufacturers. Our services include:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Commercial modeling 
  3. Land owner negotiations 
  4. Planning officer presentations
  5. Planning consent applications
  6. Distribution network operator (DNO) negotiations
  7. Power purchasing agreements 
  8. Cost analysis
  9. Procurement support


We offer a comprehensive range of overhead line systems to suit client requirements. With our counter parts in Australia, we undertake the development, design, construction, installation and maintenance for every type of overhead system including OHL Distribution up to and including 132kV transmission. Within the business we have a high level of expertise specific to each field, including our engineers, supervisors and managers. The team will support any aspect of your requirement within the overhead line sector.