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Cadence of Hyrule



North America June 13, 2019
Europe June 13, 2019
Japan June 14, 2019
Australia June 14, 2019

Nintendo Switch
(Octavo's Ode update)

🌎 December 18, 2019

Nintendo Switch
(Character Pack DLC)

🌎 July 20, 2020

Nintendo Switch
(Melody Pack DLC)

🌎 August 27, 2020

Nintendo Switch
(Symphony of the Mask DLC)

🌎 September 23, 2020

Nintendo Switch
(physical/Complete Edition)

🌎 October 23, 2020



Brace Yourself Games


Spike Chunsoft


Makoto Isobe


Ryan Clark
Toshihisa Nikaido

Cadence of Hyrule (full title: Cadence of Hyrule - Crypt of the Necrodancer ft. The Legend of Zelda) is a Zelda Spin-Off released on June 13, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch. It is a crossover with the Crypt of the Necrodancer series, with rhythm-based gameplay, utilizing characters, enemies and more from the Zelda series. 25 remixed tracks appear in the game, as well as original compositions. A two-player co-op gameplay mode is also available from the beginning.[1]

A major update called Octavo's Ode - involving a prequel campaign centred around Octavo, a villain in the main campaign - was released December 18, 2019.

Paid Downloadable Content was announced in a Nintendo Direct Mini on July 20, 2020, to be released in three packs:

  • Pack #1: Character Pack: Includes Impa, Shadow Link, Shadow Zelda, Frederick and Aria as playable characters; an "All Character Mode" involving a 21-floor dungeon and fighting Ganon with each character, and a "Mystery Mode" which obscures all items and enemies.
  • Pack #2: Melody Pack: Includes 39 new music remixes
  • Pack #3: Symphony of the Mask: A story expansion. Skull Kid is the playable character, using various masks. It also includes "a new map and songs."

The packs are available separately or as a Season Pass. The latter includes new costumes for Link and Zelda in the form of "red and blue variations".

A free demo is also available, which allows players to play as Link only (apart from the brief Cadence tutorial) on a quarter-size map "up until the first boss encounter"[2]".


While searching for new ideas, Director Ryan Clark was keen on Legend of Zelda characters appearing in the existing game Crypt of the Necrodancer as potential DLC, though the idea piqued the interest of Nintendo and the idea was developed into a full game.

"We imagined how cool it would be to have Zelda characters appearing in NecroDancer; say as DLC. To our surprise, Nintendo was extremely interested in the prospect, and before we knew it we were working on a completely new title, mashing up NecroDancer with The Legend of Zelda!"

— Clark, IGN[3]

The game released simultaneously worldwide on June 13th, 2019 (June 14th in some time-zones), slightly delayed from its initial Spring 2019 launch window.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

In the land of Hyrule, an evil musician named Octavo used his Golden Lute to put the King of Hyrule, Link, Zelda, and numerous others into a deep sleep and assembled four bosses to serve as his champions in the fight against Ganon. To save the kingdom, the Triforce of Power summoned Cadence, a gravedigger-turned-hero from another world, to the kingdom to save it. Upon arriving the mysterious land, Cadence meets Trill, the fairy friend of Link and Zelda, who asks for Cadence's help to defeat Octavo. After reaching the end of a nearby crypt, Cadence finds portals to where Link and Zelda lie sleeping. She chooses a portal to travel through, which mysteriously strips her of all her gear. She then uses the Triforce of Power to wake the hero on the other side of the portal. Once the other is awake, Cadence departs in search of a way home.

The hero she woke sets out to defeat Octavo's champions. Along the way, the hero finds the friend Cadence did not wake in Kakariko Village and finds a potion in a nearby crypt to wake the other up. With Link and Zelda united, they continue their quest to defeat Octavo. After defeating three of the champions, Link and Zelda meet up with Cadence, who is beginning to realize she may not be able to return to her own world. She joins Link and Zelda's quest, and together they track down and vanquish the fourth champion.

With the four champions defeated, Link, Zelda, and Cadence break the barrier preventing them from entering Hyrule Castle. They journey in to defeat Octavo once and for all.

Upon reaching Octavo's lair, he steals the four instruments from the heroes, using the powers of his champions to defeat the heroes. To his dismay, however, he is unable to defeat them. After taking out the instruments and defeating Octavo, a portal opens, sucking the Golden Lute into the portal. Octavo, furious at having lost his weapon, flees further into the castle. Link, Zelda, and Cadence pursue him through a portal to the future, where the trio navigates a Future World dungeon to arrive at Hyrule Castle in the future. The heroes enter through the main entrance discovering Octavo on the ground, warning the heroes that he couldn't defeat Ganon on his own. The trio enters the throne room, where Ganon lies waiting. He freezes two of the heroes, forcing the third to free them while being assaulted by monsters. After a few blows against Ganon, he freezes the heroes again and starts summoning stronger enemies. Finally, after three more blows, Ganon retreats to his organ and freezes the others once again. This time, three lights shine down on the floor in the shape of three golden triangles. The trio stands on the lights, causing a ray of golden light to rain down and destroy Ganon.

With Ganon vanquished, Cadence is reminded that she is still separated from home. Link and Zelda tell her about the power of the united Triforce, and they combine the pieces of the Triforce and wish Cadence home. The Triforce sends her back to her world, and peace is restored to Hyrule.


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A variety of returning and new characters appear in the game, with three main playable characters (Link, Zelda, and Cadence in addition to many non-playable familiar faces, including the Zora and Tingle.


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There is a diverse range of enemies that return in Cadence of Hyrule, as well as new unique monsters to fight. For a full catalog, see the link above.


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