Link's Crossbow Training

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This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
Link's Crossbow Training



United States November 19, 2007
Europe December 7, 2007
Australia December 13, 2007
Japan May 1, 2008






Link's Crossbow Training is a The Legend of Zelda spin-off title for the Nintendo Wii, originally bundled with the Wii Zapper peripheral.[1] All of the game's locations and enemies are taken from Twilight Princess.[2] The main objective is to control Link and his crossbow to shoot target boards, enemies, and objects, gaining points to increase score. Players can shoot targets to gain points and consecutive hits build up a score multiplier to further increase Link's score.

First released in 2007, Link's Crossbow Training has since come to sell approximately 4.8 million copies as of May 2010.

Game Modes

Link's Crossbow Training features three Game Modes. They include Score Attack, Multiplayer, and Practice.

Score Attack

In Score Attack mode, players play through nine levels, each of which feature their own three Stages. After completing a Level, players are given a medal based on the amount of points they accumulated. 20,000 points yields a Bronze medal, 40,000 points gives a Silver medal, 60,000 points gives a Gold medal, and 80,000 points yields a Platinum medal, the highest medal available.


In Multiplayer mode, 2-4 players can take turns using the Wii Zapper to complete stages from the Score Attack mode. The stages played are selected by the players, but only the stages that have been previously unlocked in Score Attack mode can be chosen. Whichever player finishes the selected stage with the most points is deemed the winner, and is given a Star. This can be continued for as long as it is desired by players. However, statistics are not kept over, so quitting a multiplayer game loses that progress forever.


In Practice mode, a single player can play any of the modes they have previously unlocked in Score Attack mode. There is no reward system in this mode; it is purely for practice.


There are nine total Levels in Link's Crossbow Training, and each is composed of three different stages. Each level's stages are listed below.



    A shooting game that came bundled with a peripheral known as the Wii Zapper.
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  2. "The game was set in the world of Twilight Princess." — Hyrule Historia, pg. 236