Oracle of Ages Bosses

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This is a list of bosses found in Oracle of Ages.

Pumpkin Head

OoA Pumpkin Head.png
Main article: Pumpkin Head

This boss is pretty easy. In the first part of the battle, Link must attack his body until it disappears. Now equip the power bracelet and lift its head, which will show the ghost underneath. Start slashing at him and he will go back into the pumpkin head again. Repeat process if needed until he has been defeated.

Head Thwomp

Head Thwomp.gif
Main article: Head Thwomp

Link must throw bombs at him from the top of a ladder. He will start spinning, and if he lands on red he will take damage. If he lands on any others, try to avoid the attacks. To avoid the rocks hide under a platform, and to avoid fire balls stay at the bottom of the ladder. Collect anything else worthy that he spits out. Repeat process until defeated.

Shadow Hag

OoA Shadow Hag.png
Main article: Shadow Hag

Shadow Hag will split into four shadows, and each of them can deal damage. Equip Roc's Feather and jump over the fireballs. Once they are gone some butterflies will appear. The butterflies will cause damage, so don't touch them. Equip the seed shooter and shoot the wall so it bounces off and hits the Shadow Hag. Repeat the process until Shadow Hag is defeated.


Main article: Eyesoar

At the first part of the battle Link must kill some of the mini eyesoars. Then, after taking out a couple, take out the Switch Hook and grab Eyesoar. This will cause the mini eyesoars to scatter. Now run up to it and slash it with the sword. Repeat process until boss is defeated.

Great Moblin

Main article: Great Moblin

All that needs to be done for this boss is to avoid the small moblins by moving away from the bombs they throw. Next, lift up the big bomb that the Great Moblin throws and throw it back at him. It should take about six hits and he will be defeated.


OoA Smog.png
Main article: Smog

Smog is the boss of the fifth dungeon in Oracle of Ages, Crown Dungeon. He is a giant cloud with two horns. This boss can be fairly difficult to defeat since he requires solving a puzzle to defeat him instead of a straightforward fight. There are four different phases in this fight, and in each of them Smog will separate into miniature versions of himself. Link must join the miniatures together using the Cane of Somaria to create blocks in order to attack him.


Main article: Octogon

Quickly move onto the platform before Octogon can hit Link. Now wait until he turns around and shoots a rock out. Move out of the way enough to where he can't hit Link, but Link can hit him. Slash at him until he turns around again. Repeat the process until he goes underwater. Follow him down, but don't go down right near him because he moves fast. When he stops, quickly swim up to him and slash him, then go back away again. Keep repeating the process until he goes back up. Keep doing the same thing as before until he dies.


Main article: Plasmarine

Plasmarine will follow Link and land in that same spot. He will then either shoot an Electro ball or a use a shock shield. If he uses electro ball use the Long Hook to put him in Link's spot so that he changes color and gets hit. He must be a different color than the electro ball. Repeat process until plasmarine is defeated.


Main article: Ramrock

Ramrock is the Boss of the eighth dungeon in Oracle of Ages, Ancient Tomb. He is a giant head-shaped rock creature with two arms. This battle consists of several phases.


Main article: Veran

Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows, is the primary antagonist throughout Oracle of Ages. The first time Link fights Veran, it takes place in Ambi's Palace after finishing Mermaid's Cave. The second and final battle with Veran takes place in the Black Tower. She is the final boss of the game, and there are a few stages before she is defeated.

Kotake and Koume

Main article: Twinrova

In the first part of the battle the witches are separate. All Link needs to do is stay on the bottom of the screen and hit the ice ball at the fire twin or the fire ball at the ice twin. It only takes three shots in all, and then they combine to form Twinrova.


Main article: Twinrova

After defeating Kotake and Koume, the witches will combine to form Twinrova. Take out the scent seeds with the Seed Shooter. If the fire location is currently shown, stay away from the lava when attacking her with the sword. After Link attacks her enough she will turn the two different colors. Use the Seed Shooter and shoot her with the scent seeds. After a while, she will say the she is going to sacrifice herself to bring back the king of evil, Ganon.


Main article: Ganon

Ganon is the last boss and is not as easy as he is in other games. The only way to hurt him is to power up the sword and let go before he teleports. Don't try to attack him while he is trying to do a trident slash. After about 10 hits he will be defeated.