Oracle of Ages Tunes

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Tune of Echoes - This tune is taught to Link by Nayru. Once Link gets the Harp of Ages from Nayru's House, a message comes with the Harp teaching Link the tune. The Tune of Echoes awakens sleeping portals. The different locations appear in the overworld where there are portals after learning the Tune of Echoes. Play the tune and these locations will turn into portals allowing Link to pass through time.

Tune of Currents - This tune is taught by a man just outside of Symmetry Village in the past. After exiting the village from the left exit; head left, and up two sets of stairs. At the top-right of the screen Link can dive under water. Go through the side-scrolling area to find a man. Play the Echo Tune and he will teach Link the Tune of Currents. This tune allows Link to travel from the past to the present from any location.

Tune of Time - Link learns this tune from Nayru once Link saves her in the past and they return to the present. When Link plays this tune he can travel from any point in the past to the present, or from the present to the past.