The Wind Waker Withered Trees

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After the Korok Ceremony, many of the Korok will fly off to islands throughout the Great Sea and plant these Withered Trees to help spread the Great Deku Tree's Forest. However, without proper water, these trees quickly become withered and will need Forest Water in order to be nurtured back to health.

Link will need to get Forest Water from the Forest Haven. He will then need to travel across the Great Sea and water all eight of the Withered Trees. This is a timed mission though as, after 20 minutes, the Forest Water will revert to normal Water. If Link saves seven or fewer Withered Trees in the 20-minute period, then he will fail the mission and all previous Trees will once again wither. In order to successfully accomplish this mission, Link will need to have learned the Ballad of Gales.

Link can speak to the Great Deku Tree to learn the location of the Eight Withered Trees. The chart shows one of the many routes that can be taken to complete this quest in under 20-minutes. This is not the only route that can be taken, but it is one of the more efficient routes. Successfully watering all Eight Withered Trees with Forest Water will lead to Link earning a Piece of Heart.

In The Wind Waker HD, this task is much easier due to the added 10 minutes before the forest water becomes normal water (30 minutes total), and to the Swift Sail, which can be acquired in the nightly auction house on Windfall Island,


Order Location Description
1 Cliff Plateau Isles To reach the Isles, Link will need to sail east from the Forest Haven. Once there, go up the slope of the small island, and go down into the secret cavern. To cross the platforms, they can be spun with the Deku Leaf or by gliding over to the platforms. Next, go around the wall of thorns by walking slowly so Link doesn't run into it. Then, defeat the Boko Baba to get a Baba Bud. Use it to get to the tops of the trees, and glide to the chest holding a Joy Pendant.

After opening the chest some of the thorns will disappear. Go back to the Baba Bud to reach the stump's tops. Use a Fire Arrow to burn the wooden gate nearby. Use the deku leaf to glide to the gate and go up the hole. A chest will appear holding Treasure Chart #25, a Blue ChuChu, and finally, the first tree. Water it and go back through the cavern to the boat for the next part.

2 Shark Island Warp to Southern Fairy Island and sail west. Simply run up to the island, find the tree, water it, and go back in the boat.
3 Greatfish Isle Warp here, and follow the corkscrew path. Link can also obtain a Piece of Heart here. From the tree (after watering it), change the wind west and glide to the large part of the isle in the west. Once there, run north to the steep wall. Look around the corner to see the chest containing the Piece of Heart. Change the wind to north; then jump off and glide to the chest nearby. Afterwards, go back to the boat.
4 Needle Rock Isle Sail southwest from Greatfish Isle. Run up to the tree, water it, and go back to the boat.
5 Private Oasis Warp to Tower of the Gods and sail south. The withered tree is by the pool on the Private Oasis.
6 Eastern Fairy Island Warp to Tower of the Gods again and sail north this time to Eastern Fairy Island.
7 Mother and Child Isles Warp to Tingle Island and sail northwest. It is by the Goron (Wandering Merchant).
8 Star Island Sail north from the Child Isle of the Mother and Child Isles. Watering the eighth tree means the adventure is over. Did you do so good? If not, go back to Forest Haven and get a new bottle of water. If you did it, congrats! The Piece of Heart will come out of the tree.